In July of 2022, Joe competed in the World Track and Field Championships in Tempere, Finland. Against the best competition in the world, Joe finished a respectable fourth in the men’s Javelin event.

In Lexington, Kentucky, in late July, Joe finished 2nd in the USA Masters Track and Field Championship with a Javelin toss of 34 meters.

Below are a few photos of Joe at each event

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  1. Doug Brown Class of ‘67 2 months ago

    I was in northern I corefrom October of 1968 to October of 1969 on a base the Navy
    Called Tan My that the 101
    called EAGLE BEACH.
    I believe you might have been there a few times!

  2. 70-71 Quang Tri and Khe Sanh @ Lam Son 719

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