Sher-Co knows that great sales begin with great relationships. That’s why Joe Sheridan has maintained a business relationship with Mark Albers since 1985. Mark, a former sales rep, is the Director of Business Development for Renfro, the sock mega-manufacturer.
Now in 2017, both Sher-Co and Renfro dominate their respective industries.

Sock Industry Shaker: Mark Albers

Renfro rocks the socks industry. As a 95-year-old manufacturer of socks and hosiery, Renfro is an international company with multi-million dollar sales. The company manufactures for some of the hottest, most recognizable names in the sock industry, such as Carhartt, HOTSOCKS, and New Balance.

Renfro is in the upper echelons of the entire apparel industry, so it’s no surprise that Mark Albers is in charge. Mark is a leader with expert sales strategies and business acumen that pave the way for continued, multi-million dollar success. As the top executive in worldwide sock manufacturing, Mark is considered the ultimate mover and shaker of the sock industry.

30 Years of History

Mark Albers has been on both sides of sales reps, so he knows what results look like better than anyone. He began his career back in 1985, when Joe Sheridan hired him as a sales rep. From there, Mark would go on to become the finest footwear and apparel rep in the entire industry.

“In all aspects of sports and apparel footwear, if you are looking for reps, no one is more efficient than Joe Sheridan.”Mark Albers, Director of Business Development, Renfro

Mark credits much of the success with Renfro‘s sales reps to Joe’s impeccable track record. Joe is an expert at matching companies with the best sales reps in the country. He knows that having the right team is the key to mega sales nationwide, and in Renfro‘s case, internationally.

The Take-Away

Take it from Mark Albers: Sher-Co is the best company when it comes to sales rep recruiting. With Joe’s superior communication skills, Sher-Co has the strongest, most well-connected network in the USA and Canada.

“No one I know has the communication skills and networking capability like Joe Sheridan”Mark Albers, Director of Business Development, Renfro

Joe also works with a strong sense of urgency. With such a large network, Joe is successful in finding sales reps more quickly than anyone else. Sher-Co prides itself in always delivering the most effective team to its clients, because Joe is an expert at identifying talent. After all, look at what just one sales rep, like Mark Albers, managed to accomplish.

Joe Sheridan identified talent in Mark Albers 30 years ago. He knew that Mark had exactly what it took to drive sales, and since 1985, Joe has watched Mark rise to the top of the sock industry. Mark Albers and Renfro are not one, but two success stories to add to the Sher-Co library.

Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Is your sports apparel company in need of a new sales team? Joe Sheridan is the premiere sales rep recruiter in the USA and Canada. Sher-Co will build up your sales force with a team of motivated and highly-qualified sales reps. Joe has a thirty-year track record of successful and effective recruiting. To hear more about what Sher-co has to offer, or to request a proposal, view the services on our website.

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