Services Overview

Together We’ll Achieve Sales Growth & Prosperity

Sher-Co’s service identifies, vets, and presents the best possible sports sales agents and apparel reps to represent your product. Sher-Co has identified, vetted, and presented quality sales agents to over 400 Sports and ath-leisure manufacturers seeking new or improved distribution.

Recruiting Sales Agents

For 20 years Sher-Co, has built sales forces for more than 400 sports, apparel, resort and ath-leisure manufacturer’s. Sher-Co has the quickest access to, and relationships with, independent sales agents all over the USA and Canada. The service is fee based, but also guaranteed. Our service takes a huge load off ANY company or sales manager seeking great sales agents.

Strategic Planning

Joe Sheridan and Sher-Co offer an in person one day strategic planning presentation for emerging companies seeking seamless distribution with new and exciting products into the sports, apparel and footwear industries. This face to face, hands on delivery saves your company thousands of dollars.

National Sales Rep Database

Joe Sheridan’s database is by far the most accurate database in the entire sports industry. Semi annually, Sher-Co reaches out to thousands of sports, outdoor, and footwear reps to ensure the accuracy of the database. Emerging companies interested in having access to this database can click below to sign up for one of several different access options.