If anyone can mentor millennials, it’s Joe Sheridan. Having been a Cobra helicopter pilot, sports psychologist to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and owner of a #1 sales rep company, Joe’s unique life experiences have supplied him with profound life lessons. Recently he’s taken these lessons, and turned them into curriculum for high school students.

So what’s in store for future college students, athletes, and leaders? High schools across the country are welcoming Joe and his Scholastic Mentor curriculum into their classrooms to find out.

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

The Ultimate Mentor for Millennials

Joe is the ultimate mentor for millennials, especially high school juniors and seniors. These students are months away from entering academic and athletic programs that will set the tone for the rest of their lives. Joe knows that having the right mindset is the key to peak performance and forthcoming success.

Students and athletes alike need to be self-aware, says the sports industry veteran. Both the mind and the body are involved in creating a dynamic approach to continuous improvement and success. Joe’s curriculum reinforces how expanding comfort zones by changing the way you think can change the way you live.

Why Students Listen to Joe

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

Anybody can speak to a classroom, but it takes a special person to inspire. Joe is an expert motivator, especially after spending time as the Elmira University basketball coach, as well as a veterans mentor. When Joe speaks, either to a room of 30 or a single person, everyone feels as if he’s speaking directly to them.

“When people ask me what it is I do, I’m a mentor. A coach.”

– Joe Sheridan

As an accessible and charismatic person, Joe gets students talking- and thinking- in a matter of minutes. Most of all, Joe is a speaker who students can trust. When he speaks about the competitive edge, it comes from a place of experience. He’s competed at the military, business, and personal levels. He’s the real deal, and students can sense that. With that bond of trust, he’s the speaker who gets your students talking.

A Visit to South Brunswick High School

In a recent visit to a North Carolina classroom, Joe inspired students to focus on their “Possibility of Achievement.” Mrs. Datesman-Tripp was overjoyed at Joe’s impact on her high school English class in South Brunswick.

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

“Your message to my high school seniors was on-target, exactly what my class needed in order to make a transition from the security of high school to the demands of a competitive world.”

– Debra Datesman-Tripp, English Teacher

Joe’s charisma had a lasting impression, with many South Brunswick seniors continuing the conversation after he left. The students, whose lives about to be shaped by their own hands, became empowered with a brand new set of tools. Watch below as Joe explains how he can help your class:


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If you’re a high school teacher looking for a special mentor for your juniors and seniors, connect with Joe. He will take your students toward the right mindset for the next chapter in their lives. Reach out today at (910) 620-5812, or email Joe Sheridan at tossitfar@gmail.com.