With decades in the sports industry, it was no surprise, in 2002, when Joe Sheridan became sports psychologist to NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. Joe is a pro when it comes to mentoring, and he took it to the ice with Lightning head coach, John Tortorella.


Sports Psychologist: Background

It was a natural transition for Joe to be a sports psychologist. He holds degrees in Psychology and Economics from Niagara University. As a lifelong athlete himself, and a keen understanding of the all the moving parts to a team, Joe was the prime pick to work with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“It is a challenge for a coach to have players focus on unity, trust, and team goals.”

– John Tortorella

Even with the degrees and success to prove it, Joe learned much of his mindset mentoring from another role. Joe, a combat helicopter pilot with over 500 missions under his belt, knows a lot about teamwork. He speaks from the heart, specifically when discussing the impact of unity.

Mind Over Matter on the Ice

Teamwork begins with the individual, and according to Joe, it starts with accountability. It was a simple case of mind over matter, but on the ice. Once an individual begins to establish a serious sense of personal commitment, Joe believes he or she will go on to have a solid role in team activities. Joe‘s curriculum, says Tortorella, brought the team a higher level. Soon after Joe‘s tenure, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004.

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“Few men get the attention of professional athletes. You always had their attention and respect.”

– John Tortorella

Joe also played a critical role in the development of the Lightning’s youngest players. The newest additions to the team were coached by Joe, often individually. In those power sessions, Joe helped many young players discover and implement their greatest athletic and personal qualities.

Joe earned respect team-wide, and inside of a season, John Tortorella began to see a change in trust and performance on the ice. Joe works efficiently and quickly, and wasted no time when it came to getting down to business with the Lightning.

John Tortorella’s Testimonial

Of course, a testimonial from John Tortorella is the ultimate professional endorsement and compliment. He is considered to be one of the mostly widely-respected hockey coaches in the world.

John Tortorella (Credit: Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images via Bleacher Report)

John Tortorella (Credit: Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images via Bleacher Report)

Tortorella has a Hall of Fame quality resume. In 2004, he led the Lightning toward their Stanley Cup victory. In the years following, he went on to coach the New York Rangers, and is currently with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Just last year, he coached Team USA in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

As a top-tier NHL coach, Tortorella’s seal of approval means something big. In a personal letter, he says the following about Joe’s impact on not only players, but coaches:

“Joe, you have been a great one-on-one coach. I believe you help coaches become better coaches by helping them see, believe, and inspire more in their athletes.”

– John Tortorella

Joe‘s immediate connection with team members inspired the coaches to connect with them on a new, personal level. As Joe can tell you from his experience as a combat helicopter pilot, one of the most important moving parts of a team is indeed its leaders.

A Retrospect

Joe looks back fondly on his tenure as sports psychologist to the Tampa Bay Lightning. He believes the idea of teamwork and unity are not limited to NHL teams. These ideas, in addition to cultivating the right mindset, are crucial in many aspects of life. Those in business, school, and personal pursuits greatly benefit from confidence and team-building exercises. Joe applies these tools daily, in his work with recruiting and motivational speaking.

Joe Sheridan's Mentoring Engagement at Bunker Labs

Joe Sheridan’s Mentoring Engagement at Bunker Labs

He continues to mentor athletes, veterans, and college-bound students. Whether it’s a high school junior, or future Stanley Cup winner, Joe speaks personally, and from the heart, to help them unlock their potential. Most recently, Joe has launched Scholastic Mentor, where he invites high school students to think about their “Possibility of Achievement.”

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Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

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Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Joe Sheridan is the sports industry veteran who has done it all. He’s the country’s #1 sports sales agent recruiter, a sports psychologist, and an athlete. Joe is an avid golfer, and is currently ranked the #2 javelin thrower in Men’s 60+. If you’re looking for the ultimate team motivator, contact Joe today. He’s got the words and the presence to make your team ready for the major leagues.