Sher-Co is batting a thousand with its 425th success story. Joe Sheridan does it again, this time, by delivering a sales force to Sneaker Shields, one of the best emerging footwear accessory companies. Thanks to the Sher-Co, Sneaker Shields is taking major retailers by storm, all while taking up prime real estate in their stores.

Company Profile: Sneaker Shields

Sneaker Shields delivers cutting-edge technology to the footwear market. They’re even called the “Holy Grail” of shoe care and crease prevention. Sneaker Shields maintain the fresh, brand-new look of premium sneakers with patented toe box inserts. Sneakerheads across the world are saying good-bye (and good riddance) to creases in their Air Jordans and Air Force 1’s. These collectors make up a large part of sports apparel consumers, so Sneaker Shields has a massive target market.

Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co, is the number one sports apparel agent recruiter. If anyone knows talent and potential, it’s him. Sneaker Shields has all the potential when it comes to product and market dominance. The company is a slam dunk, solidly-funded and with a growing online presence.


Sher-Co’s Vision for Sneaker Shields

Sneaker Shields saw its first success with Sher-Co’s presentations to the nation’s top footwear retailers. Bigger names had growing interest, and demand began to increase. All they needed, at this point, was the talent to sell it to the “major leagues.”

Sher-Co’s vision for Sneaker Shields was clear. Joe spearheaded the project, and worked with his unmatched pace and efficiency. He put together a team of independent sales agents in a matter of weeks. Jay Rajpal, CEO of Sneaker Shields, describes his experience with Joe. It was nothing short of a class act:

“From infancy to finally being prepared to market out product, I am overwhelmed by the efficiency of Joe Sheridan’s recruiting capability. In the first few weeks, he built a sales force for our footwear accessory company that is having success with “Majors” all across the country.” – Jay Rajpal, CEO, Sneaker Shields

Sher-Co knew exactly how to put together the right team, just as it has done for over 400 companies. Joe’s search for the ideal group of agents began right away. Once again, the sports apparel industry veteran worked his magic.

Quality Assurance: Communication

The brand spoke for itself, but needed talented sales agents to drive home the message. Sher-Co hand-picked the country’s best agents in a matter of weeks. Only a hugely-connected sales agent recruiter like Joe could deliver such a team. The search prioritized finding agents with superior communication skills. Once again, with Joe’s ability to identify talent, Sher-Co formed what would become the ultimate sales team for Sneaker Shields.

The Take-Away

Sneaker Shields is growing at a rapid pace with its full-blown sales force. The excitement in the company grows, and so do their sales margins. Thanks to the new sales force, Sneaker Shields has gone back to product development, and is expanding their product offering for 2017.

With the right sales force, Sher-Co believes any company can become a real winner.

 “I am 100% satisfied with the recruiting service Joe Sheridan has provided.” – Jay Rajpal, CEO, Sneaker Shields

Sher-Co is happy to see Sneaker Shields grow every day, and is proud to have been a part of its journey. Sneaker Shields is Sher-Co’s 425th success story. Joe, and Sher-Co, look forward to adding more success stories to their library.



Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

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