With decades in the sports industry, it was no surprise, in 2002, when Joe Sheridan became sports psychologist to NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. Joe is a pro when it comes to mentoring, and he took it to the ice with Lightning head coach, John Tortorella.


Sports Psychologist: Background

It was a natural transition for Joe to be a sports psychologist. He holds degrees in Psychology and Economics from Niagara University. As a lifelong athlete himself, and a keen understanding of the all the moving parts to a team, Joe was the prime pick to work with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“It is a challenge for a coach to have players focus on unity, trust, and team goals.”

– John Tortorella

Even with the degrees and success to prove it, Joe learned much of his mindset mentoring from another role. Joe, a combat helicopter pilot with over 500 missions under his belt, knows a lot about teamwork. He speaks from the heart, specifically when discussing the impact of unity.

Mind Over Matter on the Ice

Teamwork begins with the individual, and according to Joe, it starts with accountability. It was a simple case of mind over matter, but on the ice. Once an individual begins to establish a serious sense of personal commitment, Joe believes he or she will go on to have a solid role in team activities. Joe‘s curriculum, says Tortorella, brought the team a higher level. Soon after Joe‘s tenure, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004.

sports psychologist

“Few men get the attention of professional athletes. You always had their attention and respect.”

– John Tortorella

Joe also played a critical role in the development of the Lightning’s youngest players. The newest additions to the team were coached by Joe, often individually. In those power sessions, Joe helped many young players discover and implement their greatest athletic and personal qualities.

Joe earned respect team-wide, and inside of a season, John Tortorella began to see a change in trust and performance on the ice. Joe works efficiently and quickly, and wasted no time when it came to getting down to business with the Lightning.

John Tortorella’s Testimonial

Of course, a testimonial from John Tortorella is the ultimate professional endorsement and compliment. He is considered to be one of the mostly widely-respected hockey coaches in the world.

John Tortorella (Credit: Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images via Bleacher Report)

John Tortorella (Credit: Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images via Bleacher Report)

Tortorella has a Hall of Fame quality resume. In 2004, he led the Lightning toward their Stanley Cup victory. In the years following, he went on to coach the New York Rangers, and is currently with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Just last year, he coached Team USA in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

As a top-tier NHL coach, Tortorella’s seal of approval means something big. In a personal letter, he says the following about Joe’s impact on not only players, but coaches:

“Joe, you have been a great one-on-one coach. I believe you help coaches become better coaches by helping them see, believe, and inspire more in their athletes.”

– John Tortorella

Joe‘s immediate connection with team members inspired the coaches to connect with them on a new, personal level. As Joe can tell you from his experience as a combat helicopter pilot, one of the most important moving parts of a team is indeed its leaders.

A Retrospect

Joe looks back fondly on his tenure as sports psychologist to the Tampa Bay Lightning. He believes the idea of teamwork and unity are not limited to NHL teams. These ideas, in addition to cultivating the right mindset, are crucial in many aspects of life. Those in business, school, and personal pursuits greatly benefit from confidence and team-building exercises. Joe applies these tools daily, in his work with recruiting and motivational speaking.

Joe Sheridan's Mentoring Engagement at Bunker Labs

Joe Sheridan’s Mentoring Engagement at Bunker Labs

He continues to mentor athletes, veterans, and college-bound students. Whether it’s a high school junior, or future Stanley Cup winner, Joe speaks personally, and from the heart, to help them unlock their potential. Most recently, Joe has launched Scholastic Mentor, where he invites high school students to think about their “Possibility of Achievement.”

Sher-CoScreen Shot 2017-03-31 at 14.18.07


Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

sports psychologist

Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Joe Sheridan is the sports industry veteran who has done it all. He’s the country’s #1 sports sales agent recruiter, a sports psychologist, and an athlete. Joe is an avid golfer, and is currently ranked the #2 javelin thrower in Men’s 60+. If you’re looking for the ultimate team motivator, contact Joe today. He’s got the words and the presence to make your team ready for the major leagues.

If anyone can mentor millennials, it’s Joe Sheridan. Having been a Cobra helicopter pilot, sports psychologist to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and owner of a #1 sales rep company, Joe’s unique life experiences have supplied him with profound life lessons. Recently he’s taken these lessons, and turned them into curriculum for high school students.

So what’s in store for future college students, athletes, and leaders? High schools across the country are welcoming Joe and his Scholastic Mentor curriculum into their classrooms to find out.

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

The Ultimate Mentor for Millennials

Joe is the ultimate mentor for millennials, especially high school juniors and seniors. These students are months away from entering academic and athletic programs that will set the tone for the rest of their lives. Joe knows that having the right mindset is the key to peak performance and forthcoming success.

Students and athletes alike need to be self-aware, says the sports industry veteran. Both the mind and the body are involved in creating a dynamic approach to continuous improvement and success. Joe’s curriculum reinforces how expanding comfort zones by changing the way you think can change the way you live.

Why Students Listen to Joe

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

Anybody can speak to a classroom, but it takes a special person to inspire. Joe is an expert motivator, especially after spending time as the Elmira University basketball coach, as well as a veterans mentor. When Joe speaks, either to a room of 30 or a single person, everyone feels as if he’s speaking directly to them.

“When people ask me what it is I do, I’m a mentor. A coach.”

– Joe Sheridan

As an accessible and charismatic person, Joe gets students talking- and thinking- in a matter of minutes. Most of all, Joe is a speaker who students can trust. When he speaks about the competitive edge, it comes from a place of experience. He’s competed at the military, business, and personal levels. He’s the real deal, and students can sense that. With that bond of trust, he’s the speaker who gets your students talking.

A Visit to South Brunswick High School

In a recent visit to a North Carolina classroom, Joe inspired students to focus on their “Possibility of Achievement.” Mrs. Datesman-Tripp was overjoyed at Joe’s impact on her high school English class in South Brunswick.

Joe Sheridan, Scholastic Mentor

“Your message to my high school seniors was on-target, exactly what my class needed in order to make a transition from the security of high school to the demands of a competitive world.”

– Debra Datesman-Tripp, English Teacher

Joe’s charisma had a lasting impression, with many South Brunswick seniors continuing the conversation after he left. The students, whose lives about to be shaped by their own hands, became empowered with a brand new set of tools. Watch below as Joe explains how he can help your class:


Book Joe Sheridan

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 14.18.07


If you’re a high school teacher looking for a special mentor for your juniors and seniors, connect with Joe. He will take your students toward the right mindset for the next chapter in their lives. Reach out today at (910) 620-5812, or email Joe Sheridan at


Sher-Co knows that great sales begin with great relationships. That’s why Joe Sheridan has maintained a business relationship with Mark Albers since 1985. Mark, a former sales rep, is the Director of Business Development for Renfro, the sock mega-manufacturer. Now in 2017, both Sher-Co and Renfro dominate their respective industries.


Sock Industry Shaker: Mark Albers

Renfro rocks the socks industry. As a 95-year-old manufacturer of socks and hosiery, Renfro is an international company with multi-million dollar sales. The company manufactures for some of the hottest, most recognizable names in the sock industry, such as Carhartt, HOTSOCKS, and New Balance.

Renfro is in the upper echelons of the entire apparel industry, so it’s no surprise that Mark Albers is in charge. Mark is a leader with expert sales strategies and business acumen that pave the way for continued, multi-million dollar success. As the top executive in worldwide sock manufacturing, Mark is considered the ultimate mover and shaker of the sock industry.


30 Years of History

Mark Albers has been on both sides of sales reps, so he knows what results look like better than anyone. He began his career back in 1985, when Joe Sheridan hired him as a sales rep. From there, Mark would go on to become the finest footwear and apparel rep in the entire industry.

“In all aspects of sports and apparel footwear, if you are looking for reps, no one is more efficient than Joe Sheridan.”

– Mark Albers, Director of Business Development, Renfro

Mark credits much of the success with Renfro‘s sales reps to Joe’s impeccable track record. Joe is an expert at matching companies with the best sales reps in the country. He knows that having the right team is the key to mega sales nationwide, and in Renfro‘s case, internationally.

The Take-Away

Take it from Mark Albers: Sher-Co is the best company when it comes to sales rep recruiting. With Joe’s superior communication skills, Sher-Co has the strongest, most well-connected network in the USA and Canada.

“No one I know has the communications skills and networking capability like Joe Sheridan.”

-Mark Albers, Director of Business Development, Renfro

Joe also works with a strong sense of urgency. With such a large network, Joe is successful in finding sales reps more quickly than anyone else. Sher-Co prides itself in always delivering the most effective team to its clients, because Joe is an expert at identifying talent. After all, look at what just one sales rep, like Mark Albers, managed to accomplish.

Joe Sheridan identified talent in Mark Albers 30 years ago. He knew that Mark had exactly what it took to drive sales, and since 1985, Joe has watched Mark rise to the top of the sock industry. Mark Albers and Renfro are not one, but two success stories to add to the Sher-Co library.




Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Is your sports apparel company in need of a new sales team? Joe Sheridan is the premiere sales rep recruiter in the USA and Canada. Sher-Co will build up your sales force with a team of motivated and highly-qualified sales reps. Joe has a thirty-year track record of successful and effective recruiting. To hear more about what Sher-co has to offer, or to request a proposal, visit our services page.


Sher-Co is batting a thousand with its 425th success story. Joe Sheridan does it again, this time, by delivering a sales force to Sneaker Shields, one of the best emerging footwear accessory companies. Thanks to the Sher-Co, Sneaker Shields is taking major retailers by storm, all while taking up prime real estate in their stores.

Company Profile: Sneaker Shields

Sneaker Shields delivers cutting-edge technology to the footwear market. They’re even called the “Holy Grail” of shoe care and crease prevention. Sneaker Shields maintain the fresh, brand-new look of premium sneakers with patented toe box inserts. Sneakerheads across the world are saying good-bye (and good riddance) to creases in their Air Jordans and Air Force 1’s. These collectors make up a large part of sports apparel consumers, so Sneaker Shields has a massive target market.

Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co, is the number one sports apparel agent recruiter. If anyone knows talent and potential, it’s him. Sneaker Shields has all the potential when it comes to product and market dominance. The company is a slam dunk, solidly-funded and with a growing online presence.


Sher-Co’s Vision for Sneaker Shields

Sneaker Shields saw its first success with Sher-Co’s presentations to the nation’s top footwear retailers. Bigger names had growing interest, and demand began to increase. All they needed, at this point, was the talent to sell it to the “major leagues.”

Sher-Co’s vision for Sneaker Shields was clear. Joe spearheaded the project, and worked with his unmatched pace and efficiency. He put together a team of independent sales agents in a matter of weeks. Jay Rajpal, CEO of Sneaker Shields, describes his experience with Joe. It was nothing short of a class act:

“From infancy to finally being prepared to market out product, I am overwhelmed by the efficiency of Joe Sheridan’s recruiting capability. In the first few weeks, he built a sales force for our footwear accessory company that is having success with “Majors” all across the country.” – Jay Rajpal, CEO, Sneaker Shields

Sher-Co knew exactly how to put together the right team, just as it has done for over 400 companies. Joe’s search for the ideal group of agents began right away. Once again, the sports apparel industry veteran worked his magic.

Quality Assurance: Communication

The brand spoke for itself, but needed talented sales agents to drive home the message. Sher-Co hand-picked the country’s best agents in a matter of weeks. Only a hugely-connected sales agent recruiter like Joe could deliver such a team. The search prioritized finding agents with superior communication skills. Once again, with Joe’s ability to identify talent, Sher-Co formed what would become the ultimate sales team for Sneaker Shields.

The Take-Away

Sneaker Shields is growing at a rapid pace with its full-blown sales force. The excitement in the company grows, and so do their sales margins. Thanks to the new sales force, Sneaker Shields has gone back to product development, and is expanding their product offering for 2017.

With the right sales force, Sher-Co believes any company can become a real winner.

 “I am 100% satisfied with the recruiting service Joe Sheridan has provided.” – Jay Rajpal, CEO, Sneaker Shields

Sher-Co is happy to see Sneaker Shields grow every day, and is proud to have been a part of its journey. Sneaker Shields is Sher-Co’s 425th success story. Joe, and Sher-Co, look forward to adding more success stories to their library.



Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Meet Joe Sheridan, CEO of Sher-Co

Are you ready to take your sports apparel company to the next level? Joe Sheridan is the premiere sports apparel sales agent recruiter in the USA and Canada. Let your company become a household name by getting a top sales force. Your own success story is only a phone call away. To hear more about what Sher-Co has to offer, or to request a proposal, visit our Services page.






Bunker Labs Joe Sheridan

Self-reliance at Bunker Labs, 02/10/2017 (L to R) Joe Sheridan, Dean Bundschu, and Joe Sheridan Sr.

Last week, Joe Sheridan was the keynote speaker of the Bunker Labs event in Durham, North Carolina. Over 100 war veterans were in attendance. His presentation focused on the things he believes in the most: self-reliance, and the entrepreneurial pursuit. Joe was the perfect “veteran” speaker, as both a Vietnam War Veteran, and as a 25-year veteran of the sports industry. With insight spanning decades, careers, and combat missions, Joe explained how his experience as a HueyCobra pilot shaped his career in the sports industry.

If you didn’t have the pleasure of attending the Bunker Labs event, here is a recap of some of Joe’s talking points.

Survival Skills

Survival skills are some of the most valuable skills that veterans have in their personal inventory. They prepare veterans for the transition from the military environment into the business world. Things like process and regimentation become adaptability and accountability in the workplace. These survival skills are as the cornerstones of self-reliance, the single most important aspect of the entrepreneurial pursuit.

Joe tells veterans they have what it takes to be in a business environment. Survival skills like split-second decision-making come naturally to them. In fact, veterans have a fully-stocked arsenal of skills that can become invaluable talents. He shares the key to unlocking these assets for a new life and career path:

“The daily need to recreate yourself in the business world.” – Joe Sheridan

Joe knows a lot about recreating oneself, especially with 500 combat missions under his belt. With no two missions or situations alike, he’s a shining example of turning survival skills into entrepreneurial tools. His daily commitment to recreating himself has proved rewarding in more than one way. Joe has risen to the top rungs of the sports industry, and has accumulated over $5 million in sales for his own independent sales agency.


Joe’s business acumen emerges from a place of self-reliance. Having spent years flying a single-engine support and attack helicopter, he understands the importance of “oneness”– one engine, one man, one plan.

His message to veterans at the Bunker Labs event was that it is possible to become the master of your own professional destiny. Joe’s years as a helicopter gunship pilot made him realize he has control over some things, but not everything. He encourages veterans to seize what they can control, and to run with it. When nobody creates your experience except you, then self-reliance becomes the driving force of your career.

Joe explains that survival comes from within. Whether it’s in combat, or in an office, veterans can rely on what they already have to aspire to great new things. Embracing self-reliance begins the path of personal growth. With enough dedication and spirit, it can lead to professional success. Joe cites that the life lessons from military service become life-long survival skills for business.

The Entrepreneurial Pursuit

So how do survival skills and self-reliance merge into the entrepreneurial pursuit? Of course the pursuit can begin at any time, but it takes entrepreneurial spirit to put things in motion. Joe can tell you that anyone can sit in the cockpit of a HueyCobra, but it takes a special person to pilot the helicopter.

Veterans have exactly what the American workforce needs, according to Joe. Independently-driven individuals excel in the workplace, but Joe encourages veterans to create their own space. Early in his career, Joe worked in the corporate realm of the sports industry. He tells how he broke free by taking all of his skills and knowledge, and investing them into a company of his own. When asked how he stayed on track to become the number-one sports sales agent recruiter, Joe brings it all back to one thing:


It’s easy to see how Joe inspired the room to embark on their own entrepreneurial pursuits. The honesty and conviction of Joe’s words resonated in the room. The heartfelt conversation to an audience of one-hundred people suddenly became a one-on-one conversation with each veteran. It became personal as much as it was professional.

Even when the speech ended, the conversation continued. Veterans approached Joe one after another, sharing their own stories. Many of them thanked Joe for inspiring them to pursue new paths. The atmosphere of the room had changed, for the better, thanks to the empowering words from Joe.

The Take-Away


Joe Sheridan Sr., CEO of Sher-Co

Joe encourages veterans to discover their potential through self-reliance. Entrepreneurship is a challenge as much as it is a journey, and with the right tools, Joe believes veterans can succeed. Since many of those tools are already there, it’s only a matter of unlocking that potential, and piloting their own helicopters. Survival like success, comes from within.



Are you interested in booking Joe as a guest speaker at your next event? Use the contact form here to get in touch with Joe. To hear more about Sher-Co has to offer, or to request a proposal, visit our Services page.